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(Updated from Sept 2014)

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between the incidence of arthritis and the presence of the trace mineral boron in the body? Research surrounding the trace mineral boron and its connection to arthritis is finally starting to see the light of day!

In a startling discovery, research conducted by Prof. Roger Wyburn-Mason, MD, PhD, identified an amoebae that parasitizes (infests) the joints of people with rheumatoid arthritis:

“In 1975, at the IXth International Chemotherapy Congress in London, England, the late (1983) Roger Wyburn-Mason (M.D., M.R.C.P., B. Chir., M.A., Ph.D.) astounded the medical world, announcing that he had found a new protozoon as the cause of Rheumatoid Disease.”

More on his discovery can be found at The Roger Wyburn-Mason Hypothesis . (This is a must read article!)

Continuing with Prof. Roger Wyburn-Mason’s work was Dr. Rex E. Newnham, a naturopath and the author of “Beating Arthritis and Beating Osteoporosis,” and what he had found was amazing!

Boron killed the amoebae that Prof. Wyburn-Mason had identified!

Dr. Rex Newnham also found quite a bit of evidence correlating boron concentrations in certain geographical areas and the development of not just rheumatoid arthritis, but also common arthritis. He found that in certain areas of Australia, where drinking water contained high levels of boron, there was no incidence of arthritis in humans and animals!

Incidence of Arthritis Dependent Upon Boron

Interestingly, this correlation was found in other areas as well.

  • Dr. Newnham found that in Israel, where boron is in high concentration in the soil, the incidence of arthritis was as low as 1-7%.
  • Compared to the U.S., in New Zealand and other parts of Australia the incidence of arthritis is much higher-20-40%.
  • In contrast, areas such as Jamaica where boron levels are extremely low, the incidence of arthritis is very high, reaching upwards of 70%.

In conclusion, worldwide evidence is now starting to link low intake of boron with increased levels of arthritis — proof that arthritis is a symptom of nutritional deficiencies and not simply a “normal” process of aging as the medical industry would have us believe.

Now isn’t that interesting?!

With millions of people suffering from arthritis in the United States alone, maybe it’s time to start giving the trace mineral boron some attention, instead of just symptom-suppressing pharmaceuticals.

How To Get More Boron Into Your Body?

Though there are boron supplements on the market, the bioavailability of these supplements are very low. However, there is a highly bioavailable supplement that many, including myself, have discovered and have used for many years and it’s located somewhere you’d least expect – the detergent aisle at your local grocery store.

Now a word of warning, this is a highly controversial topic and I encourage you to do your own investigative work. The following is purely my commentary as to what I use to remain pain and arthritis free. Further, those I know who have chosen this form of boron therapy have had the same results. (Of course this is an anecdotal observation)

So what am I talking about? Borax. Yes, the product found in the detergent aisle!

Borax does go by other chemical names, such as Sodium Borate, Sodium Tetraborate, or Disodium Tetraborate Decahydrate. Chemically they are all the same. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral, a boron compound mined from dry salt lakes like other commonly known minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. Borax is NOT boric acid (which is toxic) but rather a salt of boric acid. This is an important distinction that many people get confused.

Realistically, sodium chloride (table salt) is much more toxic than Borax, and like salt (and any other essential mineral needed for health) is toxic at extremely high dosages.

Another must read document, The Borax Conspiracy: How the Arthritis Cure has been Stopped by Walter Last (read HERE), will certainly give you more food for thought.

If after reading all of the information you make the decision to take Borax, you must know how to go about it.

As mentioned, you can find Borax in the detergent aisle. (Don’t forget that we consume vinegar for health benefits, and also use it as a cleaner. One day vinegar may even be located in the cleaning aisle.) The brand name is 20 Mule Team and consists only of water, sodium, boron and oxygen. And nothing else! The dried salt lake beds where borax is mined today are located in Turkey and California.

The most common way of taking it, and the way I choose for myself, is to put 1/8 of a teaspoon into 1 liter of water per day. That’s it! Remember that you do not need much of a Trace Mineral. If taken in conjunction with Golden Milk, you’ve got a winning combination for eliminating the inflammation that is causing the pain.

Whenever your body begins to receive the nutrients it needs, there is always a chance that you will experience what is known as a “healing crisis.” Because Borax is antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and alkaline, for a short period of time you may experience temporary intestinal discomfort or even flu-like symptoms as die-off occurs. This is also true in the case of consuming Apple Cider Vinegar for it’s health benefits.

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