Arthritis – Prevention

Hydrotherapy Help for Arthritis

The healing power of water is no secret. From the hot springs in ancient Greece to the cleansing power of the Ganges in India, water is widely recognized for its therapeutic properties. Many people with arthritis are discovering it’s true.

How to Lower Your Arthritis Risk

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, arthritis it is the most common cause of disability, affecting nearly 50 percent of all Americans at some point in their lives. Each year, millions of workers skip work or leisure activities to cope with the debilitating symptoms such as chronic pain, swelling and stiffness.

Dietary Changes to Relieve Arthritis

Can eliminating or adding certain foods relieve arthritis symptoms?

7 Things You Can Still Do With Arthritis

Don’t let arthritis stop your active lifestyle.

3 Breakthrough Treatments for Arthritis

Here are three medical advances you should know about.

Assistive Devices for Arthritis

Make life easier despite your arthritis.

Understanding Hip Pain

Hip pain is an increasingly common phenomenon that tends to occur with age. Find out what causes hip pain and what you can do about it.

Coping With Arthritis on the Job

Working with arthritis can be challenging, but these tips can help make it easier.

Could You Have Fibromyalgia?

Although no specific test can definitively confirm the condition’s presence, certain criteria can help physicians make a proper diagnosis.

Arthritis 101

Learn about the most common forms of arthritis, from causes and symptoms to treatment.


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