Arthritis Prevention and Management

May is Arthritis Awareness Month.

Because arthritis is an umbrella term for over 100 conditions, disorders and diseases, there is not a simple answer, much less one correct answer, for how to prevent and/or manage arthritis. However, there are some guiding principles that you can follow.

Educate yourself about arthritis. Learning all you can about your form of arthritis will help you manage your symptoms. And, in the case of osteoarthritis, you might be able to prevent or slow the progression of it.

  • Learn about different forms of arthritis
  • Understand the causes of pain and the best ways to manage it
  • Get the facts about arthritis medications, surgery or natural therapies
  • Find practical solutions to make daily activities easier
  • Read about the latest in arthritis research
  • Find out about public health inititatives designed to help prevent and manage arthritis.

Be physically active. Physical activity and weight management are important and can help manage the pain and stiffness from many forms of arthritis. Whether you are starting your own routine or want to join a program, there are many options for you to choose from.

  • Learn more about the benefits of exercise
  • Discover how to stay motivated
  • Learn the benefits, tips and strategies for walking
  • Find community programs for better living

Protect your joints. Whether you are working out or working in the yard or just looking for a way to be kind to your hard-working joints, it is important to minimize the trauma they experience. Here are some tips to help protect joints and keep them feeling better.

  • Learn about ways to be good to your joints
  • Learn how to protect yourself when walking around the house
  • Discover low-impact exercises to keep the joints flexible between workout days

Get involved. Find out how you can help those who have arthritis and those who may get it in the future. Through Advocacy, Public Health and Research, the Arthritis Foundation helps people with arthritis live better today and create better tomorrows through new treatments, better access to care, and ultimately cures. You can get involved through

  • Advocate
  • Help researchers learn more about arthritis
  • Become a research advocate
  • Find your programs in your community
  • Share what people with arthritis really want and think

Courtesy of The Arthritis Foundation


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