Arthritis Prevention Tips For Dogs

Arthritis Prevention For Dogs

Early detection and prevention of arthritis in dogs is very important, because once musculoskeletal
problems start to appear and the joints distorted, the damage has been done.

Canine arthritis is a painful degenerative joint disease that can affect all dogs however the problem is more
common among dogs seven years and older, and in larger breeds. Arthritis attacks the cartilage, that protects and
cushions the joints, leading to inflammation of the joints, chronic pain and reduced mobility.

Read more about the symptoms of canine arthritis.

Experts have commented that while cartilage deterioration and osteoarthritis does happen as a dog age, the
process can be accelerated by poor nutrition, excessive exercise or a lack of exercise (resulting in obesity) as
well as previous injury to the joint.

Therefore, it is important for dog owners to understand that early arthritis prevention is the best place to
start. The following are some of the ways of arthritis prevention in dogs that one can apply to provide one’s pet
with a healthier life and delay the onset of canine arthritis.

1. Diet

Preventive arthritis care starts with being careful about what your puppy or dog eats. Feeding your dog with a
natural, wholesome raw diet is an important part of a preventive program. If you are unable to give your pet a
completely raw diet, one may add some digestive enzymes to the food that will supply the absorption of essential
nutrients and fatty acids from cooked foods.

A balanced diet is also essential to help control your dog’s weight gain, as well as to promote bone and muscle
health. A healthy dog requires a correct balance of vitamins, protein and fiber.

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digestive tract in dogs!

2. Exercise

Regular exercise helps to prevent obesity in your dog. Exercising also helps strengthen your dog’s joints, bones
and muscles and is also good for your pet’s cardiovascular system.

Swimming Exercise For Arthritis Prevention In Dogs

However it is important to note the different breeds and age of dogs require different levels of exercise, so
make sure you are aware of the appropriate forms of exercise for your puppy or dog.

Avoiding exercise that requires a lot of jumping or running on hard surfaces can help prevent damage or pain to
your pet’s joints. Dog walking is one form of exercise that places no stress on the joints. Another ideal form of
exercise is forced swimming as it also places no weight or force on the joint yet helps to strengthen the muscles,
tendons and ligaments at the same time.

3. Supplements

Another key element for arthritis prevention in dogs also include feeding your pet with nutritional joint

Glucosamine for
aids in the promotion of healthy joints by supplementing the amount of glucosamine that is
naturally found in your dog’s cartilage and synovial fluid which helps to form the connective tissue surrounding
your dog’s joints.

Another supplement you should have your dog take is omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish oil. It aids in
reducing joint swelling and supports the heart health. It is also found to increase alertness and mental vitality
in older pets.

This holistic dietary formula can help promote optimal joint health in your

4. Orthopedic Bed

Dogs are very much like humans – they also require a warm, soft bed to rest. Often, stiffness and pain in joints
can be made worse from sleeping on cold, hard floors.

Therefore getting an orthopedic bed specially designed for dogs can help to cushion their joints and bones, as
well as soothe sore muscles while relieving joint pains. Orthopedic bed also provide the warmth of a well padded
surface for your pet during the cold winter and are extremely therapeutic for older dogs that already suffering
from some form of skeletal disorder.

With these sensible approaches to diet, exercise, supplements and an easy access to a comfortable bed at night,
canine arthritis can be prevented and your flurry friend will live a more active, healthier and pain free life.


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