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Transformation is about changing the services and support avilable for people with arthritis today.

People with arthritis have told us about the difficulties they have navigating around their treatment and care, and how challenging it is to make decisions about their health when living with pain.

We want to see access to services and treatments transformed to deliver high-quality, personalised care for people with arthritis.

The support people with arthritis receive to help them find and remain in work in also under the spotlight. Currently, there is an ‘arthritis work gap’, with the employment rate amongst people with arthritis 20% lower than the rate for people with no disability or long-term condition.

We want to see a transformation in the support people receive so that this gap can be closed. We also want to see a welfare system that works for people with arthritis, so that there is both employment and financial support for people when they are not able to work due to their condition.

What questions can you ask about what’s being done to transform services and support for people with arthritis?

What services are already available for people with arthritis in your local area?

Are local people with arthritis listened to so they get:

  • personalised care
  • the right treatment at the right time.

Are your politicians making sure people with arthritis can get the treatments they need?

Are the NHS providing the treatments people with arthritis need?

The NHS has to provide drug-based treatment within three months of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approval.

But many arthritis treatments, such as exercise, aren’t drug-based. The NHS doesn’t have to provide non-drug treatments once NICE has approved them.

This means the system is already stacked against people with arthritis from the start. This is unfair and needs to change.

Are your politicians fighting for measures that will improve early diagnosis to prevent avoidable pain later on?

Rheumatoid arthritis needs early diagnosis and treatment within the first 12 weeks of symptoms appearing. Early, intensive treatment can greatly reduce long-term pain and disability.

Are people with arthritis getting access to the benefits and support to work that they need?

We’ve been campaigning for a fairer welfare system for people with arthritis, and to put a stop to any cuts to disability benefits. We want to hear your experiences of the benefits system and how it works for you.

Got a question about transformation in your area? Email us at campaigns@versusarthritis.org.


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